If you are a bachelor degree student or bachelor degree graduate and in need of coaching or mentoring, consider applying for our mentorship program.



Dahuni Foundation Scholarships are awarded to individuals who have strong academic backgrounds, possess high motivation and from underprivileged family.



Our academic mentor will help you with the types of writing you may encounter while in college.

About Our Foundation

Dahuni Foundation is an education foundation that offers scholarship, mentorship and academic writing assistance to bright and motivated underprivileged students.

Scholarship is available to Senior High School students and bachelor degree students. Mentorship and academic writing assistance is offered to on going bachelor students and master degree candidates.

Dahuni Foundation 2018/2019 Distinctive Scholarship Award Winners

1. Benediktus Ma’dika
Metallurgy & Material Engineering University of Indonesia (UI)

2. Sasongko Adi Asmoro
Industrial Engineering Gadjah Mada University (UGM)

3. Muhammad Azwar Nasution
Biology Andalas University

How To Help / Donate

Please consider making donations to the Dahuni Foundation to show your support in changing the lives of these students. A little bit of funds from you can make a difference in their future. Our objective is to continue increasing the number of students we can put to schools but we cannot do it alone.

We need you.


You can make your donation by transferring to our Indonesian bank account:
Yayasan Dahuni (Bank MANDIRI)
No. rekening 138-00-1576090-8

Become a Mentor

If you are an academic/professional and possess the knowledge/skill in a specific subject useful for the students, why not mentor them? Email us and let us connect you to our students.

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What they say

"The best part about being DF scholarship recipient is the direct access to its founder and other team members. It really feels like we are part of a family”

Ni’amatul Mahfiroh

Bachelor degree at IAIN Salatiga
“Becoming a mentee at DF helps me developing my communication skills and increases my confidence level to pursue my dreams.Mrs. Riyani never gets tired of always telling me to have faith in my own ability and to never give up. Those motivational talk is something I will never get anywhere else"

Galuh Erawati

Mentee and Master degree candidate
“My school and Dahuni Foundation have formed a fruitful,positive and meaningful partnership in the past five years. We have held numerous successful events and all of them have had a lasting impact on my students. With our great work ethics and cooperation, I am sure we will have many more success in the future”

Khairul Anwar

Principal of SMAN 3 Boyolali

Cultivating dreams, transforming lives, one scholarship at a time.