About Us

In Indonesia, like in most Asian countries, older children (or those in a better financial position) carry the duty of helping other family members with financial assistance. This type of aid has no expiration date and is expected to continue from generation to generation. This practice creates a cycle of dependency. It also hinders the motivation of finding effective solutions for the economic problem and in the long term, it doesn’t help anyone.

In order to break the chain of endless-financial-support to the family, something fundamental, meaningful and sustainable need to happen.

Those thoughts were the main drive behind the creation of a scholarship foundation, that is to support family members through education and not through endless financial dependency. This movement reduces some of the financial burden and at the same time sets a long-term plan to end the cycle.

Riyani Indriyati (born in Boyolali, Central Java, Indonesia) and Taco Franssen (born in Purmerend, The Netherlands) set up the foundation in 2012 with the main objectives of:
- Ending the cycle of financial dependency
- Investing in education
- Honoring Riyani’s late mother, Mrs. Sri Dahuni.

Dahuni Foundation Trustees

Riyani Indriyati, Founder & Director

Riyani grew up in Indonesia and has always had a strong passion for education. Prior to dedicating her time for the foundation, she worked as communication specialist and an independent communication consultant. She dedicated much of her time as an international volunteer in Asia and Europe. Riyani has a master degree in public relations from University of Houston and a Bachelor of journalism. She currently serves and directs the Dahuni Foundation.

Taco Franssen, Co-Founder & Director

Taco works for a multinational company as a Health, Safety, and Environment (HSE) Manager. This position requires extensive travel around the globe and through this, he gains a diverse international network. As a hobby, he enjoys photography and scuba diving. Taco has a master degree in Health and Safety, and a bachelor in Marine Engineer. Taco was born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Dwiajeng Widarini, DF Country Director

As Indonesia country director, Ms. Widarini has the overall responsibility for the strategic leadership and direction of the Indonesia Dahuni Foundation programs to achieve the global Dahuni Foundation’s vision, mission and objectives. She also represents the Dahuni Foundation in communications with Government, Local and International Organizations in Indonesia.

Global Support Team

Judith De Blois

DF Global Support Team - The Netherlands

Judith was a Darmasiswa scholarship recipient in 2016 & 2017 academic years pursuing her Master degree in children education. She is back in the Netherlands and currently teaches at an education institution in Amsterdam.

Judith provides mentorship and academic assistance to our mentees pursuing their Master degree in Europe. She also serves as our contact person for partnership opportunity or collaboration project in Europe.

Pratiwi Amani

DF Global Ambassador

Pratiwi earned her bachelor degree from Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) in Jogyakarta in 2016. She currently works on getting her master degree in Forensic Anthropology and will start her study in 2019.

In the meantime, she acts as our communication officer to work with our local stakeholders. She gives talks to schools and other education institution in Indonesia.


Volunteers Coordinator

Dame is an undergraduate accounting student at the faculty of economics and business, University of Indonesia and serves as our contact person for volunteering opportunity and event management.