In addition to receiving financial support, our scholarship recipients also get mentorship and guidance from our mentors. The mentorship is intended to help student stay focus with their study and limit the amount of distraction that can lead into poor academic performance.

We offer feedback and advice on school related subjects as well as on youth and family issues. Our main goal is to assure that these students receive the kind of support and guidance while they are pursuing their academic journey.

The mentorship is not limited to Dahuni Foundation scholarship recipients only. We are also open to mentor and coach enrolled/active students who feel they need encouragements and guidance in order to excel academically.

Interested to become a mentee?

Email us with a your concern and a description of your study plan.

Do you want to lend your expertise and become a mentor?

We are always happy to have people supporting our work. Send us an email and let us know in what area you are able to help.

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