Welcome to our online application form. We hand out our annual scholarship awards to exceptional Individuals who demonstrate outstanding academic performance, compelling motivation and most of all those who are from underprivileged family. Please check our social media page to get current update on our annual scholarship program

Each applicant is responsible for ensuring that ALL supporting documents listed below are attached along with the completed application form. Please mark if the following documents are attached.

General documents:

  • Completed application form
  • motivation letter /essay in English (between 500- 1000 words)
  • A copy of recent academic transcripts
  • An official letter issued by your local authority confirming that you are from an underprivileged family (Surat Keterangan Tidak Mampu)
  • Two letters of reference, including at least one academic reference
  • A copy of your valid ID card (KTP/Passport)/ student's ID card
  • Any additional documents that can strengthen your application status, such as CV, TOEFL or IELTS transcripts, certificates of completion, awards, etc.



Please provide names, location and period study of universities, colleges, and high schools, which you have attended. Start the list from the most recent school.

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School 2

School 3

School 4


Please indicate any extra curricular activities or organizations you are participating or have participated in. Start the list from the most recent involvement.

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Activity 3

Activity 4


Please indicate any special recognitions / awards / achievements. Provide brief explanation. Start the list from the most recent one noting the year of award.

Award 1

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Please write a personal essay (between 500-750 words) in English by answering the following questions.
(1) Briefly outline your family situation (who are your parents, what they do for a living, your siblings, the society you live in and your family’s role in supporting your education).
(2) Briefly outline your future study plan and explain how this scholarship will contribute to the success of your study.
(3) Why should you receive a Dahuni Foundation scholarship?
(4) If you are granted the Dahuni Foundation scholarship, please describe how you can contribute to the development of your community/society/country.